I am 30 this year. I decided that to ‘celebrate’ I would compete in 30 different fitness events. And that i would raise money for the charity attached to the Neonatal Unit that looked after Erin and Jess when they were born. Who wants to just have a party right?!

I did find one guy on Instagram that did 52 events last year, one for each week, but that’s even too far for me!

So…3o events. That’ll be easy.

Event #1 was this Saturday. The PureGym Great Winter Run in Edinburgh, a nice little 5km to get things kicked off for the year. It was so good, albeit really busy. We were late (my running buddy ironically runs 10 minutes behind any schedule given to him). Not being reeeeeeally early for things stresses my brain out – as does eating an odd number of sweets but that another story. So there we were, literally at the back of the pack, because we were late, in -2 degree ‘heat’ and it was heaving! Everyone is running in January it seems!

But that’s the first one done. Wasn’t my fastest time ever. The first 2km were really congested and I did find myself speed walking for a bit of it, but after 2km the road widened and I seemed to hit my stride. But i hit a sub 30 minute time so i’m pleased with that. Plenty more events to try and set a really decent time.

Event #1…DONE