Today marked the second event in my calendar for 2016. A somewhat challenging 10km ‘run’ around Arthurs Seat.

There’s nothing more demoralizing than reaching the first Kilometer marker and seeing the 6km marker next to it, meaning not only do you need to scale this mountain in front of you once, you need to do it twice. I was slightly relieved at that point that i hadn’t managed to look at the route before hand, i probably would’ve stayed at home!

Todays event was the Snowflake Run in Edinburgh. The first of its kind, and my first 10km EVER. Now don’t get me wrong, i have run much further than that before, i did 20km in one sitting at Tough Mudder last year which no cardio training whats so ever, but i had never actually ‘just’ ran 10km before. Sort of enjoyed it if i’m being honest! I got to the 4km marker and thought, wow this is my normal warmup these days. Not a place I ever thought I would be in. There were Polar Bears everywhere, much to my 2 year olds delight, and designated ‘snow zones’ where you got blasted with snow as you ran past. Cant think of a better way to kick off a Sunday if i’m honest. Maybe I like running after all.

So, two events down. Just 28 to go. March is a big month for me (and my legs), I am taking part in the Women Run Strong event in Edinburgh, The Mighty Deer Stalker in Innerleithen, and then the Kilomathon 13km event back in Edinburgh at the end of the month. My fundraising page is still live, and will be until the end of October. The link is below, please, if you can, donate. All the money is being donated to the Simpson Special Care Babies Charity based at the Neonatal Unit in Edinburgh.

You can donate here –

Now i’m off to foam roll my legs and have a bath! With a large glass of something cold and alcoholic. Happy Sunday everyone!