7.16pm on a Tuesday and I’m cursing my eldest daughter. Why? Because I want to go to bed and she’s at Brownies. Rude. The baby has decided that sleeping is just unnecessary. I’m sure it’s just a phase but it’s a bit shit.
I have felt hungover all day today. I think maybe last night I got an hour of sleep? Isn’t it just newborns that don’t sleep? She’s nearly  2 for gods sake. I almost convinced myself at 4am that she’s got separation anxiety because I’ve not been around much. 

Oh and I’ve got DOMS (sore muscles. My punishment for being lazy recently). So basically today I resembled something from The Walking Dead. The only difference being I had mascara on. And I didn’t get to kill anything. 

At 3am this morning I decided I was taking today off. I was already too tired to function, there was just no way I could get to bedtime. I’d attempted to sing the baby to sleep for an hour and she was just intent on pressing her nose and saying ‘meep’. But then that wasn’t an option so I plumped for the back up plan – coffee. And then I got on campus and the coffee machine was broken. So I plumped for option 3 – sucking it up and adulting my way though it. It worked. It’s 7.30pm, two thirds of my offspring have been fed, bathed and are asleep. I’m pretty sure I can recite all aspect of the cardiovascular system without looking at a book. Still not had any coffee and I’ve not killed any one. Let’s call today a win. 

Today was long. But it’s done now, nearly. Some days you lose. Tonorow is a new day.  Some days you have to do things you don’t wanna do, like go to work, be nice to people, refrain from locking the kids in the shed. It ain’t all milk and honey. So next time you think that maybe it’s all just a bit too much, think about all the good you’re doing, and get an early night. 

I have a 10km on Sunday…can’t bloody wait for that right now. No I mean really, who doesn’t want to run 6 miles on no sleep?!