Today marked the day of the first Women Run Strong race in Edinburgh. 

Advertised as a 5km or 10km trail run I made the very big mistake of ‘winging’ this one. I didn’t look at the map, I haven’t run any real distance since my last 10km. Oh, and I got stupidly drunk last night and was as rough as toast this morning. 
Quite frankly, this ‘run’ was more of a walk and it was brutal. I have ran Arthur’s Seat three times already this year, today they made us run UP the mountain. Not around it.   

My main aim for today was not to puke. Which I achieved, just. The moral of the story from today? I’m not as fit as I think I am, and drinking the night before an event ain’t big and it ain’t clever. Alcohol is not my friend today. 

However, the scenery on this run was amazing. The sun was out, it wasn’t cold, once we finally got to the top the view was just spectacular. Almost made me forget I was one burp away from throwing up. 

We were greeted at the end of this event with a choice or either prosecco or cranberry juice. By that point I just wanted to sit down. And cry. Preferably both. 

So, event number 3 is done. In the bag. Only 27 more to go!! Onwards to the Mighty Deer Stalker next weekend. Goals for this week – no alcohol.