Kilomathon 2016. This is one event that I genuinely can’t fault in any way. Even the weather man got on board and it was a gorgeous Spring Day in Edinburgh this morning.

The start for this one was an exceptionally early (for a Sunday anyway) 8.30am. But, the sun was shining, for once I wasn’t hungover, and also surprisingly I was on time! No rushing to the start line this week that’s for sure!

I was in the Green Zone, having concluded I would probably run the distance in about 70 minutes. Although to be honest it didn’t matter much, there were so many people that unless you were at the start of the pack then setting a massively amazing time wasn’t an option. Ok so maybe that is the only, very minor, fault from this day. The paths were narrow, and there were a LOT of people. Overtaking was fine, no one was walking certainly, but you were aware that it was busy.

I adopted the role of ‘running stalker’ quite early on, and kept my eye on one woman who seemed to be running about the same pace as me. My brain realised in the car on the way home that I actually did a training course with her a couple of years so! So hopefully her memory is as bad as mine and she didn’t remember me either – if she did then in’s safe to say there’s one new person in Edinburgh tonight who thinks i’m odd.

The course itself was lovely, certainly not as steep as we climbed last week, my watch reckons about 455ft in total, which is quite literally a walk in the park compared to the over 2000ft climb of last weekend. Situated predominantly on cycle paths within the city we were taken through Victoria Park, and along the scenic route to Murrayfield, with the finish itself being inside the stadium.

We were greeted at the end by lots of lovely smiley (I think) Brownies (maybe they were Scouts), who presented us with out winners medals and goodie bags. The whole process was flawless, from the friendly marshals, to the chilled water at the water stop, to the extremely fast moving queues at the toilet facilities.

My lovely mum, had brought #3 to watch me cross the finish line and so we managed to round the whole morning off with a bloody delightful breakfast at The Store 🙂 Oh and my official finishing time was 71 minutes 14 seconds so pretty chuffed with that.

So – event #5 DONE. March is ticked off the calendar. Now shit gets real. 4 events a month until the end of September, including Bing Blazer, Spartan Beast and Total Warrior. My only real complaint so far is that I’ve competed alone. However, I have managed to somewhat wiggle my way into the Project Awesome Edinburgh crew (run by the super talented Steve Curnyn) and the plan is to create some pretty epic teams for some of the bigger events, alongside Kieron Ross of Race Fitness (also Edinburgh) which will help with pre and post event banter somewhat substantially.

My fundraising page is still live, and will be until the end of October. Please sponsor if you can, #3 turns 2 this week and she quite literally wouldn’t be here today without the support and medical attention that she received at the Neonatal Unit in Edinburgh. So it really is an amazing cause.

Until event #6 then!