2 hours and 53 minutes. That’s the exact amount of time I have been wishing my children back to school. Sucks to be me then, only 2 weeks and 4 ‘sleeps’ to go. 

2 hours and 53 minutes also happens to be the exact amount of time #2 has been in meltdown for. Sucks to be her too. 

Which is why we are doing nothing this holiday. And I’m not even sorry. 

We spend all of our term time running around from school to clubs to home to bed. Sometimes if we’re really lucky we’ve got two after school clubs on the same day! Sucks to be everyone that day. 

We are hardly in the house Mon-Fri unless we are asleep. Even on the weekends there seems to be this unfounded need to ‘do something’. So this holiday I am going to make an active effort to do nothing. We have no plans. We are not going on day trips. We are going to stay in our jammies some days and not even leave the house. Can’t bloody wait. 

Parenthood all too often seems to be this ‘our lives are better than yours’ style of competition and it’s so boring. If you wanna let your kids stay in their jammies one day and play X box then great! (Just don’t put it on Facebook because people will judge you.)

So for this holiday, at least for this weekend anyway until they start to infuriate me, we are going to do nothing. And hopefully in two weeks and 4 sleeps we’ll all be refreshed and recharged and ready for summer term.

Or we might not. But it’s worth a shot.