So this was my first event since the Kilomathon! I really missed having something on last weekend. Although, it was nice to spend time with the girls and just relax but I it did feel like something was missing in a way. I was super excited to run this weekend.

Since my last event my 30f0r30 challenge has been picked up by the papers, which is oddly nice. I don’t like being the center of attention really, I do prefer being behind the scenes normally. But the exposure is great for the charity albeit my face is plastered all over the Edinburgh News.

Yesterdays event was a 10km in Dunbar. I haven’t run ‘just’ a 10km for ages so wanted to see what sort of time i could make. Didn’t anticipated hills, which, considering I live in the country was a miscalculation on my part. However there was just one small hill and actually, I survived Deerstalker, so technically I can’t really moan about hills ever again.

We started and finished at Hallhill in Dunbar, which was nice, and my pals came down and cheered me on, although I came in quicker than they expected so they missed me finishing. And the route itself was lovely. There wasn’t many running so there was no congestion or feeling like you were stuck in a pack for a while. And the weather was lovely so that was a bonus. No wind, no rain, first run without the thermals on too! We ambled up through the ‘new houses’ and under the underpass that runs under (funnily enough) the A1, up the hill to Broomhoouse, along the top, and back down to Asda, then back along under the underpass, quick wee loop down towards West Barns and then home. Loved it. Loved being local, loved being running, loved being in a field of competitors. Loved it.

Managed to cross the finish line in 53:21, so there’s my benchmark. Although, the winning  female was over in 41 minutes so it sort of pales in comparison. The fastest man was over in 32 minutes which is also, just a bit mental really.


So Event #6 is done 🙂 Really feel like i’m hitting my stride now, which is a bonus seeing as I don’t have a weekend off now until we go on holiday in July. Onwards to April then and Event #7 – Winton Trail Run next Saturday 🙂