This week was all about the ‘let’s run 10km in 45 mins’. There was a training plan of three runs, and a food plan of pretty much ‘all good stuff’.

I was set. I was ready. I was going to smash this week. 

But I haven’t. I haven’t run since my event last weekend. Why? Because actually, there are more important things in life than running 10km in 45 minutes. That shit can wait thanks, I’m rejigging my priorities. 

On a little bit of a last minute whim I, along with #1, # 2 and #3 and have spent the week hanging out with some other pretty cool, like minded souls. We’ve had more pizza than is probably socially acceptable, I’ve washed more clothes than my washing machine can handle (no really, it flooded this morning) but we’ve had a blast, and made some pretty cool memories to boot. The girls have swam in the sea every day, we’ve have about 6 hours sleep. And I’ve not trained once, or even felt guilty. 

Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans right? So for this week (and probably this week only), I ripped up the training schedule, totally forgot about it in fact, and channeled everything else into just having a blast. I sweated the small stuff. 

There ARE more important things in life than the things you deem ‘most important’. Trust me on this, there are.  On Monday I was all about the fact I needed to run 3 times, and couldnt drink. When could I do that? How early would I need to go to bed to avoid a cold cider? I am the first one to admit that I can get pretty consumed by a goal. I thrive off challenging myself. I’ve given myself 8 weeks (now 7) to run 10km in 45 mins and I will stick the blinkers on and I’ll do that. No excuses, no room for failure. 

Except I haven’t. And I don’t care, if I’m being honest. As much as I am capable of completing my event tomorrow, and completing it well, I am very much guilt free in the fact I am writing to you now having completed no exercise this week. There are more important things you see. There are people and days that are more significant to me than how fast I can run. Those people and those days will influence more than how fast I can run. The small stuff? Yeah that matters. It’s the only thing that matters. 

In 20 years time, what will you remember? That in April 2016 you ran a sub 51 minute 10km, or that your children made a friend for life? Feel free to vary the particulars but you get my drift. So, you didn’t exercise this week? Who cares. Are you happy? Thought so. 

The small stuff – the trips to the park, the late night Nutella on toast when you should be asleep, that shit sticks. That’s the ‘when I was 7 I did…’ Stories. Everyone needs more of them. No one will care that this week I ran a sub 51 min 10km, but my girls will remember this week. Or at least they better, I’m far too sleep deprived for it to mean nothing. 

Of course, come tomorrow I have an event. Come next week the ‘6 week plan that could swing to 8 weeks’ becomes the ‘shit got real’ plan. But that’s ok. The big stuff does matter. As long as we don’t forget that it’s the small stuff that makes us. The small stuff is the important stuff. It’s the memories that will carry us through. So sweat it. Sweat the small stuff. It’s worth it.