I was slightly apprehensive going into today’s event. As mentioned previously, I haven’t trained this week. I like to always run faster than my previous time so was mentally berating myself for skipping out on the runs. Aside from that I was really looking forward to today. 10km feels like a really nice distance now.

The Winton 10km Trail Run. An off road race set in and around the grounds of Winton House near Pencaitland. The two eldest little dictators decided that they wanted to run in the 3.5km Fun Run and I was in the big race.

I spent the first 2km chastising myself for being shit this week. There was a lot of ‘god you’re never getting round here Sarah’ thoughts. But I found my stride and settled into it pretty quick. I like running off road, especially now I’ve got my Innov8s (thanks Anna!). They’re like built in suction cups on mud and down hill sections. My official time was 52 minutes and 58 seconds. So my ‘never be slower than your last race’ rule is intact. Thankfully. Because there’s more chance of hell freezing over than there is of me giving up pizza. But this week I will be better.

The little dictators completed the 3.5km too along with their friend Cridhe. #1 LOVED it. Has caught the running bug (she’s probably about as competitive as me). #2? Not so much. She’s not a fan of running, or walking really. So it’s safe to say next time she’ll just spectate.


The whole day was so well organised and executed. Probably the best event so far actually, aside from Deerstalker, but that’s in a different league. There was a bouncy castle and ice cream van and a general sense of relaxation and enjoyment. It helped that the sun was out and it wasn’t blowing a gale. That would’ve sucked. And there was a water stop too which actually makes a lot of difference. Especially if you’re anything like me and leave the house without any!

So – event #7 is done. New 10km time of 52:58. Onwards to next week then, event #8 is a biggie – a 10 mile road race. So definitely no cider this week!