I saw this meme thing today about stopping waiting for things, and to start enjoying what you had. You know the type I mean, ‘Stop waiting for Friday, stop waiting for summer, stop waiting until you’re 30, this is your life now’. I’m paraphrasing but you get the idea.

Anyway, initially I thought oh god that’s so accurate, I’m totally missing out on all the important life stuff thats happening around me right now. And then I thought about it, and actually, it’s a load of shite. In my own personal opinion.

Now admittedly, right now, today, I am feeling slightly overwhelmed by my life. I am spinning a lot of plates, some require more spinning than others, but this year I have a lot on. I sat at lunch today, moaning away about ‘how can this be it’. Surely this isn’t life? But then at work this afternoon, when I was elbow deep in glitter making rockets with hyper 6 year olds, i realised two things. 1) I don’t hate craft as much as i though (don’t tell my boss, I’ll never hear the end of it) and 2) Yes, this is ‘it’. For now. And that’s ok. Because I am playing the long game. I have a 3, 4, 5 year plan. Hell, even my plans have plans.

The time is not right for me to stop climbing. The time is not right for me to sit back and bask in this life that I have created. It doesn’t mean I’m falling behind, or that I am less adult that other people, or that I am a ‘work in progress’. It means I have patience and a drive to work hard. To create the life I want.

We are not magicians, nor are we time travelers. We cannot just magic up perfect lives or millionaire status at the click of our fingers. The long game takes time. It takes patience. It takes days, months, years maybe of the same thing. 5am starts, 7 day weeks, hard graft.

“Happiness is achieved when we stop waiting for it”. Or so said the meme. Bullshit. Maybe happiness is achieved when we START waiting for it. All too often we are consumed by this fear that our lives aren’t what they should be. Most of our self doubt and negativity stems from the fact that we think we should be able to change our lives and our circumstances, just like that. With a click of our fingers. We should be fitter, stronger, faster, richer, happier. “Look at so and so over there, she is so together, if only I was like her I would be happy”. Bullshit. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe so and so over there thinks exactly the same about you?

Good things take time. They take hard work, and patience. Just because you’re not where you want to be doesn’t mean that you won’t get there. Just because your ‘plan’ means you won’t achieve your life long career goal until you’re 30, or 40, or 50, doesn’t mean you are failing. I spent most of my 20’s having babies. It’s only now that I am rapidly hurtling towards 30 that i know EXACTLY what I want out of my life, and how I am going to get it. I don’t have it all now. This time next year, I won’t have it all. But I will be closer than I am today. The climb, the journey, the hard work getting there, that’s time doing its thing.

So you’re not in the job you want? So what. So you’re single at 24, 30, 50, so what? Sometimes we don’t have the things we want for a reason. Sometimes its the hard work and the patience that is missing, that will allow us to evolve into the people we need to be to achieve our goals.

So I say, bollocks to ‘stop waiting’ and amen to ‘start waiting’. If what you are working towards is what you want, then keep going. Keep pushing, every day, because it’s the hard work and the patience that’ll get you there. Not the quick fix or the fad diet or the magic ‘make millions overnight and lose 2 stone as a side bonus’ pills.

Trust that time is what you need sometimes. Stop trying to have it all now.