This morning I dropped #3 off at childcare wearing only her vest and a pair of her big sisters pants. She sort of resembled a mini, incredibly stroppy superhero in all honesty. Thankfully on a Wednesday my mum watches her so I managed to avoid the judgment of other people that I had failed to get my child dressed. I also failed to relay the information that I hadn’t fed her breakfast so the poor sod was starving all morning, and by all accounts was eating crisps she found down the side of the sofa by 10am. Parenting wins all over the place right there.

People say to you a lot, especially when they are tiny and don’t sleep and vomit all the time that you should ‘enjoy every minute’, or ‘they’ll grow up so fast’ and my most favorite ‘one day you’ll miss this stuff’. Yeah I’m pretty sure I won’t ever miss the fact that she shits in the bath and throws scrambled egg on the floor when I’m not looking.  You learn quite quickly to just smile and nod and silently will them to shut the fuck up. Because sometimes, kids are a bit shit, and time does not go fast at ALL on the days when they wake up at 4am.

I don’t tend to indulge in sentimental stuff much with my kids or with much other stuff really. I did do the typical first time parent thing of uploading every single photo I took of her, and telling everyone who would listen that she had slept for THREE HOURS STRAIGHT one night. Just the one night, she hasn’t done it since. I’m not one to get mushy over the little things mainly because I get mushy most days over something that they do. For example, tonight when I picked #3 up from my mum, she was outside with a trowel and proudly announced ‘BUGS’ at me when she spotted me, and my heart melted. She’s pretty cute sometimes.

But this week I did get a bit of an off emotional flutter of oh shit time is passing super fast. #2 lost a tooth. Not her first tooth by the way, I genuinely couldn’t tell you how many teeth either of them have lost because I don’t care. They are teeth. And on that matter, what the hell are you meant to do with them?? It feels slightly odd to just throw them in the bin but then again equally weird to keep them like little trophies. I live in hope mine might just swallow some in their sleep and it’ll save me the trouble of having to decide. Anyway so this tooth came out and now she has lost her little gap at the front that she had between her baby teeth. It now looks more like she has lost 4 teeth but I’m pretty certain that when the big teeth come in she’ll more than likely resemble me and not Lara Stone.

So it’s official, she’s growing up. They all are in fact, which was made evident tonight by the fact #3 seems to have learnt 4 new words since 7am. After the summer #1 is going to ‘the big school’ and that’s one more step to her being off and gone. Although to be honest I am genuinely looking forward to that because she gets up REALLY FUCKING EARLY.

It’s weird because I can’t have any more kids. This is something I am really comfortable with, it was my call and I am very very much done with babies. Babies are whack (see previous mention of sleep deprivation and vomit). But actually, shit, I am done with having babies. My child won’t lose her top tooth again, nor will #3 ever learn to say ‘Bugs’ again. Time is marching on and eras are ending all over the place. When did this happen? I’m not ready.

This year so far has been the best one I have had in a long time. In fact possibly ever. Everything is good here, and things are only going to get better. I am genuinely really excited about what the rest of the year will bring and what the future holds for myself and the little dictators. Although I have just realized that #3 will probably need potty trained this year and I am certainly not looking forward to that, but that’s another story for another day. But there are some things that I will miss.

There will be times where you want to scream at the person telling you that ‘It gets better’, or that you will miss them being small. But actually, its true. We will all have days where we are tearing our hair out at the fact they are feeding spaghetti hoops to the cat or refusing to do spelling homework because they’ve been in school for 7 hours and then been to two after school clubs and are knackered. Those days will suck. But on those days, maybe being sentimental is ok. Being sentimental might just get us through the teenage years.

And I have three girls so I am genuinely clinging on to a miracle that this is true.