Three years ago I did my first Race for Life. The 5km in Holyrood Park, with my sister and Anna. I crossed the finish line and nearly puked. Today I woke up slightly hungover and slightly sleep deprived and the first thing I thought was ‘well its only 10km Sarah you’ll be ok’. How times change. I am still riding the wave from last weekend, the OCR buzz is back and I am so excited for the rest of the racing year.

Todays event was #11 and was the Race for Life at Hopetoun House, South Queensferry. We (Anna and I) were in the 10km, much to her disgust, I basically signed her up and told her she was running because I didn’t want to run solo. Of course we prepped as all athletes do my drinking far too much Prosecco last night and sitting up until all hours putting the world to rights.


The one thing about Race for Life that makes it unique to all other races, is that there is such a variety of fitness levels. There were 5 year olds walking the 10k today and that is fine. Race for Life isn’t about the time. There are no timing chips in sight, just a mass of pink t shirts and a LOT of female hormones. It’s about starting as a team, finishing as a team, and not leaving anyone behind.

The route today was absolutely stunning. The weather played ball and the sun shone and it was a trail run in the most beautiful setting. Excluding Dirty Weekend, it has been my most favorite route so far this year. The Innov8s came out again and it didn’t even feel like a race. I have fallen in love with trail running, it will be so hard to go back to road racing.

The only complaint from today was that there weren’t enough toilets. We were there a half hour early and still completed the warm up whilst in the queue for the loo and then started right at the back of the pack. And because of the array of fitness levels it did mean we couldn’t really fight through the crowd to reach the runners at the front. But aside from that, this was a flawless day.

Anna and I ran together, although the downhills got me excited and I kept forgetting not to sprint, and we even managed a sprint finish to the line at the end, the last 100m was awesome. Sometimes its about racing for time, pushing yourself. And sometimes, its about enjoying yourself and letting yourself be part of something amazing, life changing.


Onwards to #12 – Bing Blazer next weekend. They are all starting to roll in thick and fast now. Absolutely loving life. The fundraising page is still open, link below, please donate if you can.