When I first decided to do 30 events this year all I knew was that I wanted to finish all 30 events. Injury free, raising loads of money for charity .

Sometimes though, things don’t go the way we plan. This year is absolutely NOT going the way I planned. Today, was event #12, Bing Blazer. A 10km obstacle course race in West Lothian. We were running in the Race Fitness team, which is the fitness baby of Kieron Ross. His guys (and girls) are fit. They train hard, and they win races. So to be placed under the Race Fitness banner was an absolute honor.

All week I have been stressing about this event, amongst other things. My 10km time has been gradually reducing and I know that when I really focus I have speed in my legs. But it’s still all very well knowing you have the speed and then actually putting it into practice. Especially when you’re running with people who are proper quick.


We were all out in the first wave, which is becoming standard really. I had only met Tina and Hannah before today, had never competed with them. And there was Abbie and her fiancé Jamie and Craig (who decided it would be a good idea to compete for the OCR qualifying about 5 minutes before we started) and all the usual Race Fitness guys.

It’s getting hard to write about 10km races because they’re over so quick, but today was a bit different to the norm. There were a group of obstacles at the start and then a bit of a jog, which involved a mile of tyre carrying, and then before we turned back there were a few more obstacles. Once you’ve seen one climbing wall you’ve seen them all really but the one thing I’ve never come across before is being shot at by a marshall with a paintball gun. I think the bruises will pose as a reminder for a few more days though.


All of us finished in the Top 10 of our categories. The absolute buzz of finishing OCR is incomparable. I heap so much pressure on myself to be fast that I don’t tend to enjoy myself at the time. But 30 minutes later? Well, when can we do it again. The set up today was exceptional, the obstacles were challenging and there were plenty of opportunity for fast running. Whats not to love?!