There will be days that occur, conversations that happen and decisions that are made that determine where you will be and who will be with you in 5 years. I started writing last night because I thought yesterday was one of those days. I got distracted half way through my post and didn’t finish it. Which was just as well, because it turns out that yesterday wasn’t the day. Today was the day. Every single one of the people I have spoken to significantly today will be around in a year, and in five years.

Two years ago, a lot of those people weren’t in my basket. And then one of ‘those’ days happened and without realizing it dominoes started falling that brought me right bang to this point. I am biased but I am blessed that I am surrounded by some really special people. The type of girls (and boys) who will FaceTime you at 5am the morning after Hibs win the Scottish Cup just because they’ve not been to bed and want to show you the wooden duck from Dirty Weekend. The type of girls who will remind you that yes you absolutely did tell the waitress at dinner that you weren’t a fisherman and that the only crabs you could catch were the ones that come from a dodgy one night stand in Benidorm. The type of people who, when I was having a ‘boys are bastards’ moan today played ‘Dry your eyes mate’ to me as their pep talk.

Yesterday, I was grateful for the people in my basket. Still am. Because sometimes things happen that knock you off guard and that is when these people really come into play. And it’s not until that happens that you realize just how good you have it. I was awake again at 3am this morning (not #3 this time, she slept all night) and  I realized that what I am grateful for more than anything is that shit got really bad. At the end 2014-2015, wow the shit got real and for that I am pretty grateful. It has brought with it such a positive aftermath that I am (somewhat) genuinely glad it happened.

This year has brought about #30fo30, which in turn has spurred me into securing my Rat Race season pass for next year. Bring that epic adventure ON. It has brought about friendships that were forged and solidified in the fires of the 2014 hell.

It’s not until you get through the storm and out the other side that you can see what it has done. It makes you stronger, makes you value who is important and who isn’t. It effectively clears away all the debris. The storm is always the worst bit, but the storm always end.

So when it hits, strap yourself in and let it do its thing. It’ll clear out your basket and you never know, it might drop some people in there that weren’t there before.