Anyone who says you need to treasure every minute of having kids is a dick. Or doesn’t have kids.
#3 discovered she can climb out her cot. She thinks it’s hilarious (it’s really not) and she’s refused to go to sleep like a normal human ever since. Life is fucking brilliant in our house right now. 

I absolutely adore my children. All three of them are equally as funny and mind blowing as each other. And the reason I continue to feel that way is because there are times (usually around 7:30pm) where they all need to be just gone from my peripheral or else shit is going to go down. 

It’s 8:16pm. At 6pm I thought she was about 2 minutes away from falling asleep in the car. So I drove around for 45 minutes in the hope she’d drop off and I could just transfer her to bed. She’s currently sitting next to me drinking water and singing Ba Ba Black Sheep so clearly that went to plan. 

Seriously, we’ve been awake since 5am, and the amount of little niggly things that have happened today (didn’t sleep well, forgot to eat for 6 hours, people spoke to me) have culminated in today being ‘one of those days’

And we all have them. Anyone who says they don’t is a dick. Or doesn’t have kids. ‘Supermum’ is a lie driven by social media and our obsession with how happy other people’s lives seem. It is impossible for anyone to enjoy all of stuff all of the time. 

But the good thing about it just being one of ‘those’ days is that tomorrow will be different. I’m kind of hoping it’ll be better than today but to be honest, I’m working until 5:45pm, #1 has brownies, I need to go food shopping and I’ve got an anatomy resit. The chances are I’ll lose my rag at some point. 

It’s 8:47pm and she’s fallen asleep cuddled into me (just in time for Love Island), mid way through pointing out my nose and eyes and cheeks (must of learnt that at nursery when I was busy working). She’s alright really I suppose. 

Life isn’t about being Supermum or super anything all of the time. It’s not about treasuring every minute. We all have ‘those’ days every so often. And we all make them up in abundance with all the actual super days that we have. 

And for ‘those’ days there’s always alcohol.