Last weekend, one of my oldest friends lost her Mum. It was an unexpected, sudden loss, and it brings with it a sense of shock and mortality that is hard to swallow. Suddenly, we are at a age where we are loosing our parents. Slow the bus down, aint no one ready for that. I’m lucky in that I haven’t experienced a lot of death in my family, nor have I lost people at an age where it really had an impact on me. This one feels different. I have known Claire, and her family, for over half my life. We are not close in the sense that we speak every day. We live at opposite ends of the country, we lead different lives. Yet our friendship was cemented on the golf courses of East Lothian (and beyond) when we were very young, and she continues and hopefully will continue to be a person who features in my life regularly. I have felt her loss this week, I hurt for her and her family, I am devastated at their loss. There are memories that have laid forgotten in the vault of past life that have suddenly come to the surface again and I have felt myself somewhat mourning for times when life was oh so simple. When all we cared about was what our round was for that day, and whether or not our Dads were going to be PISSED that we had ‘hacked our way out of that bunker on 6’.

Death is a stark reminder that life is very short. And so very unpredictable. It is a line that is rolled out all the time but it is so true. You literally just don’t know whats round the corner. Make the most of it. If you’re unhappy then take steps to change things. If you love someone and you’re frightened to say it then fuck it, say it. Deal with things after. Life is too short to wonder, to regret, to hold back and not do the stuff that makes us who we are. This week has been a very harsh reminder of that.

So todays race is dedicated to Mary. It was Event #14 and poignantly was the Race for Life in Edinburgh. I don’t normally pay much attention to the backing sheets saying who people are running for, but today I did. The minutes silence at the start of the race was emotional, and my race was spent thinking about days gone past at various tournaments where Mary and my mum (also Mary) wold get up at ridiculous times of the morning to drive us to unknown golf courses to watch us cock it up the majority of the time.

I am lucky enough to be doing 30 event this year in something that I LOVE. Today I ran Arthurs Seat in 26:36, with a broken toe, and I couldn’t be happier. It was an amazingly well organized event, the weather was great, and I had my mini mascot there supporting me. Members of my family completed the 10km today and they all smashed it with their times and efforts to fundraise for this horrendous disease. For we all know someone who has been effected by Cancer, and that is a statistic that should prompt us ALL to do something to help combat it.

Onwards to Event #15 – Tough Mudder, with a new but equally cool pal Audrey. Ice, Mud, Climbing Walls and Free Beer. I am BUZZING for next weekend.

This week has reminded me of a lot. But mainly, If you love something, love it completely, cherish it, say it, but most importantly SHOW it. Life is finite and fragile and just because something is there one day doesn’t mean it will be the next, take nothing for granted. Say what you need to say, then say it a little more. Say too much. Show too much. Love too much. Everything is temporary except for what we love. That will outlive us all.