I absolutely love Total Warrior. It never fails to deliver. It has hard obstacles, it has long sections of trail running and it is managed to perfection. And today was no different. 

Total Warrior Edinburgh – Saturday. 

Reunited with my absolute favourite, Lee, we ran in the 10am wave under the RaceFit banner once again. There were LOADS of us today, it was incredible. All of the HellFit gang were there and Steve was in our midst for the first time since Dirty Weekend and everyone was on a prospect buzz for it. It was Kirsty’s birthday and we were all really excited for a good race. 

There’s no ‘easing you in gently’ with Total Warrior. Not even a kilometre in and you’re presented with ‘leg it’ which is a selection of incline and declines that destroy your legs before you’re even into the race. Less than a kilometre after that there was Mud Moguls, so we were wet and dirty pretty quickly. The mud theme continued through Log Bog Jog, Cement Mixer and Death Valley and when we climbed the net to Swinger or Straight we were covered from head to toe. 

By this point we had all started to spread out with the front runners way in the distance. Lee and I ran together all the way, and we spent a while surrounded by other familiar faces like Audrey and Martin and Abby. We’re all similar pace and we all bounce off each other really well and it was nice to have familiarity around. 

The walls today seemed really big, Hangover (the inverted wall) was hard. And with the undulating terrain adding to the burn it was a hard hard race. And the mud!! There was so much mud. Deep, gungy, horrible mud. That was probably mostly shit but well, just keep your mouth shut and you’re fine. 

My friend Claire was marshalling and we came across her at the half way point – ‘Weave It Out’.  I was expecting her to congratulate me, maybe take my photo, but no – “run faster” she shouted at me as I ‘weaved’ my way through the trees and mud. It was amazing to see her there though and because I knew she was at half way I knew I could really sink into the race at that point. 

On to High Jump we went. At the Lakes I hesitated here but the mantra of the day was ‘no hesitating’ so it was a straight run (missed the bell obvs) and into the water. Then it was on to Law Breaker – this hill killed my soul a little. And then to be presented with Grand National and the Alps – the hits just kept coming. Total Warrior isn’t for the faint of heart, it is a hard obstacle course, no small walls here! 

‘The Plunge’ – (think ice water bath) was a welcome cool down at this point. And then they made us crawl through even more mud. When we got to Open Road the marshals informed me that I was 19th female. However 20th and 21st were right behind us so there was no time to slow down. 

On to Log It we went and then suddenly we were at 10km. There was still the Slide to come though and this isn’t my favourite part of any day. However knowing that the females behind were closing in I had no choice to just throw myself down it and keep going. And surprise surprise I didn’t die and it wasn’t awful. 

The most hellish part of my day (and everyone else’s by the sounds of things) came at Dunkin’ Donuts. It was awful. A solid wall of rubber rings over a lake that we had to crawl over. It was absolutely awful. Hard and energy zapping and just not any fun at all. But by the time we were through there were only 3 obstacles left – Monkey Bars, Back It Up and the Peaks of Pain. My mum, grandma and #3 were at the last obstacle and I scrambled up it first time and then had a quick dash to the finish and it was done. 

To say that we all performed well today would be an understatement. The boys dominated the male field with positions coming the RaceFit way in 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th. 

The girls lit up the leader board too with positions being held in 4th, 10th, 15th, 16th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 22nd, 23rd, 26th, 28th and 29th. 

We all went out and had an absolute blast. And I couldn’t think of better people to have found along this crazy #30for30 journey. 

The guys then surprised Kirsty and I with a birthday cake and broke into a very loud rendition of Happy Birthday 🙂 told you I had the best team of people around. 

There’s not a single flaw to highlight from today. This events runs like absolute clockwork and the management team are amazing. I hung around on site after and volunteered at the finish line again and not a single person coming through had had a bad time. There’s not many races that claim to please everyone but Total Warrior is certainly one of them. 

So event #22 done. On to the next one. Which just so happens to be Total Warrior Day 2 tomorrow…bring on the mud, walls and hills. This is living after all.