Sunday. The day of rest. 

Or if you’re anything like we are – the day for absolutely beasting yourself round the Total Warrior course again. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect today, I’ve never raced two days in a row and I’ve never raced an OCR on a Sunday. But the RaceFit team were there, with Kat joining the ranks for today, and Craig coming back from injury to race with us superbly again today. My other fabulous friend Craig was running again today and we had agreed we would stick with each other regardless. 

I expected to be slower today. I was tired, the course was massively churned up, and I just wasn’t sure what I had in my legs. So I went off with a mantra of just having some fun (which lasted until the 10 second count down). 

Leg It always fucks me. It’s horrible. I’m pretty sure there’s not a single person who enjoys it. And today wasn’t any different. 1km and I was wishing I was at home. And then we hit the mud. And my GOD was it muddy. If you ever only run first or second wave on a Saturday at any OCR then you have NO idea what us Sunday runners have to deal with. Obstacles that were hard yesterday were near enough impossible today. I finished with mud in places I’ve never had it before, it made everything that much harder. 

When we ran down the decline to Human BBQ the crowd erupted for us. Paul was there volunteering and had told everyone to cheer for us. My friend Claire was also there spectating and she casually whispered “11th” to me as I ran past. 

So now it was ON. I could see the 10th placed female just in front of me and we had been overtaking and retaking each other all race. But now I knew where I was my legs seemed to find a new gear and I was determined to take her. But she was fast, and I was still behind her through High Jump and Grand National and The Alps. Until we got through The Plunge and I thought ‘fuck it just go’. And I did. Took her before the log carry and then I was off. She didn’t catch me and I finished a full minute in front of her. 

Racing on a Sunday is actually a really nice experience. The course is harder without a doubt but there seems to be less pressure, which was reflected in my result when I crossed the line in. 1:22:22 a whole 4 minutes quicker than yesterday. 

Afterwards we went out to spectate and again, everyone was having an amazing time. I’ve still to hear a bad review of Total Warrior, they can do no wrong in the eyes of so many. 

Two days. Two races. Two fastest team results for RaceFit and an absolutely amazing weekend all round. Kat got first female and I ended up with 9th female position, can’t ask for much more than that. 

So Total Warrior is over for another year. And what a year it has been. It is by far  my most favourite OCR event and I cannot wait to race all 6 events next year. 

And now it’s time to relax. My legs are tired. And I have the small matter of turning 30 tomorrow to deal with. Cake and champagne will be the order of this week for sure.