I always like Race for Life. It was the first event I ever participated in way back in 2013, and there is always a sense that we are achieving something by being there. 

Today was my first time doing the Muddy version of this event and I was quite looking forward to a change from the norm from these guys. 

I ran with Anna, my very good friend, training buddy and fellow shark and it was nice to cover some miles with her. Although I’m probably more glad than she is that she’s ill and injured just now because it meant I kept up! This girl is rapid when she’s fit. 

We started in the 10:15 wave which was a slight break from the norm given the fact it was ‘wave 2’ and with no timing chips in sight this was an event to just enjoy today. 

There were 8 obstacles in total over the 5k, all featuring mud of some sort, except the giant pink phallic shaped objects we had to vault over at 4K, 

And actually this event has left me the most muddy at the end out of all of them, given the fact the last obstacle was a giant inflatable slide (still with the slides!!) into a mud pit. So it definitely lives up to its title! If you’re thinking about doing one but don’t want to throw yourself in at the deep end with Total Warrior or the like then do this one. It has everything you want from an Obstacle Course Race, there’s mud, there was an A Frame, there was a slide and there was even a space hopper race – what more could you want?! Oh and your entry fee goes towards beating cancer so yeah, a pretty good cause. 

The other great thing about Race for Life is that you don’t have to run. You can walk, you can jog, Race for Life is all about the taking part. It’s inclusive to all fitness levels and all age ranges and no one cares how fast you cross that finish line. 

Today was a good day, the sun shone, the kids got to fire water at us as we ran past and we got to stretch our legs doing what we both love. 

Event #24 done – and I’ve hit £1k raised on my site so far. Which is absolutely incredible. It didn’t even imagine I would still be standing at this point in all honesty. 

On to event #25…still smiling.