30 events. 30 runs. 

1000 miles. 308 days. 

All came to an end today. 

The event was amazing. It’s not often a trail event resonates to being an entirely trail event but this one did. 13k of trail, sometimes in head on 40mph winds,  but trail none the less. And it was nothing short of spectacular. If you’ve not heard of the Foxtrail series then read all about it here

But it’s been a long road. A road marred with doubt and hills and setbacks. It’s been the only road I’ve ever completed, and the one I am most proud of. 

A year ago I sat opposite my friend Claire and announced that I needed to do something to get back into the way of training. I had hit a wall. I had been weight lifting 4x per week and I was tiny. Ripped and tiny. But I’d lost the love and I’d lost the focus and I was scrambling around for something to settle me again. And so, #30for30 was born. Conceived of coffee shots and half thought out ideas, one race entry lead to another and soon there was a blog and a plan (I love a plan) and it was happening. 

The first race – the Pure Gym Great Winter Run in Edinburgh. I ran with my friend Stuart. It was 5km and it took us both over 30 minutes. We’ve sort of evolved since then. 

Since then there have been massive highs – I was 3rd at the Bear Grylls Survival race. 

There have been significant lows – I had a complete confidence crash at the Dunbar EDF 10 Miles and almost walked off the start line. There have been injuries – I have fallen off two A Frames this year and also have an Achilles injury that should’ve been stitched but wasn’t and still gives me grief to this day. But overall there has just been a massive, massive sense of achievement. 

I didn’t think I’d do this. I have wondered more than once if people would actually notice if I just didn’t run 30 events. For a long time I didn’t have the belief in myself that I would complete this. And then I got to 20 events. And then I got to 22. And then I got to 28. And I actually started to believe that I could do this. And I have. 30 events. Done. 

Today was amazing. And I cried a lot. I cried on the start line when they gave me a shout out, I cried at the water station when the ladies commented that I looked fresh and relaxed, and I cried at the finish when I realised my friends and family were there to see me cross the line. It’s been emotional, as they say. 

From standing on the start line on the 9th Jan thinking ‘Oh this’ll be easy’ to standing on the start line today thinking ‘Shit I don’t want this to be over’, it’s been one hell of a year. And it’s not been without sacrifice. I’ve not seen my best friend much this year (I MISS YOU Anna). I’ve not done much this year at all to be honest. We even planned our holiday around a week where I had no events; but the trail shoes came too so I could still train. My entire diet and training programme has been manipulated to fit this mad idea and it has been worth every single sacrifice.

Sometimes you find something. Something that just resonates with something deep within a part of you that you didn’t know even existed. It ignites something and it makes everything you’ve worked for seem even more worthwhile. Maybe it’ll be a person, maybe it’ll be a cause. But I can guarantee it’ll make everything you’ve been running from that wee bit harder to leave behind. It’ll consume you. It will become you, and it will replace the you of before. Grab it. Grab it and hold onto it and cherish it. For it is what you were born to do. 

So 30for30 is done. It culminated in an exceptional trail run today. And it feels a little bit like the end, but mostly it feels like the beginning…stay tuned, for big things are coming…

Thank you to EVERYONE who has attributed to this year. I could write a blog just on the people alone. You know who you are. I have the best family, the best kids and the best friends that anyone could ever have. I hope we stay friends, I hope we evolve together and achieve bigger and better things. For this is just the beginning… 

#30for30 Factfile 
Name – Sarah 

Age – 30 

Occupation – Full time badass. Part Time Shark. 

Biggest Achievement – 30for30 Challenge 

Miles ran in 2016 – Approx. 1000

Lbs Gained – 14lbs 😱 A lot can be said for dropping the weight training and introducing carbs back into the diet. 

Hardest RaceSpartan Beast. This one was HARD. Both Audrey and myself were injured very early on. It was raining, it was cold and it was a long course. But that medal? Well it made it all worthwhile. The hardest but the best race of the 30. 

Best RaceRat Race Dirty Weekend. Ran this one with my good friend Lee. 20 miles of sheer hilarity with one of the best people I have ever met. Cannot wait to do it again in 2017.

Most Disappointing Race – None. I gave all of these event my all. Some were less exciting than others but each attributed to the end goal. I am honoured to have been a part of each and every one. 

Highest Finish – 3rd at Bear Grylls Survival. I will be back next year to defend this. 

Proudest Moment – Ever? My girls. Nothing will ever come close to how these girls make me feel every single day. This year? When they cheered me over the line at Winton. It was the first race #1 and #2 ever did and I don’t imagine for a second it’ll be the last. 

Next event – The Glentress night 10km. Can’t stop the train… 

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