All kids are hard. 

8 year olds are hard. They know EVERYTHING. Everything. Even if you think you’re right, you’re not. They are. About everything. 

7 year olds are hard. They’re needy. They’re not as sociopathic as their 8 year old counterparts but they’re needy and they go from normal to fucking mental in 3.7 seconds. 

2 year olds are hard. They can’t quite communicate what’s going on in their heads and if you dare give them a strawberry when secretly they want a blueberry then god forbid the shit storm that is going to rain down on you. 

Kids are hard. 

I think sometimes we worry we’re the only ones who find parenthood hard, I know I worry about that. Maybe I’m the only one who shouts too much or who doesn’t spend enough time reading with them or who’s house isn’t tidy and things aren’t cooked from scratch. Maybe I’m the only parent who sometimes fails at being a parent. 

I have days where I feel like I’m just not doing very well with this parenthood and life thing. Some days that feeling stretches to more than one day in a row, and then I get more stressed and more shouty and it’s just a big horrible cycle of stress and sociopathy. 

It’s quite hard when you’re in the moment to remember that days only last 24 hours. It’s hard to remember that they’re only little and probably over tired or over stimulated or stressed or whatever. 

I came home today after a less than amazing day. My big girls are away at their Dads so it was just me and #3. I was beating myself up about being away all day and about how I’m just worried about money and worried about studying and working and not training enough and then suddenly she was naked and chasing her little life mouse around the kitchen gleefully squealing her head off. 

And it was worth it, it brought me back to the moment. 

8 year olds are hard. But they are super cool. They’re funny and they throw random facts at you when you least expect it. They’re not so little that you can’t go places with them but they’re still small enough to sneak into your bed for a cuddle sometimes. 

7 year olds are hard. But they’re so so sweet. They’re helpful and loving and they still have their cuddly toys and are stuck between wanting to be grown up and wanting to watch Paw Patrol. 

2 year olds are hard. But they are hilarious. They say the cutest things and they love you even when you’ve had no sleep and are in a really horrible mood. 

All kids are hard.  But they are all amazing, and so are you. Parenting is hard, but you are tough. And even when you don’t feel tough please try and remember – it’s nearly bedtime. And then you can open the wine.