Ah the weekend…those two days at the end of the week where we all get to relax, and sleep in, and laze about in our PJs all day if we choose to.

Or, if you’re anything like me – two day of absolute, routine lacking, hell.

I hate the weekends. Give me a weekday any day of the week.

I like having routine, and structure in my life that only those Monday-Friday days can provide. Without it I sort of dissolve into an aimlessly wandering around person with no purpose or drive to do very much. Which is probably why my house looks like a bomb has gone off in it, and I can’t be arsed to do anything about it.

Normally in the middle of the week, like today, I am longing for Friday. I have great plans; to have movie night with the kids, to put all the ironing away, to finally sort out my wardrobes and the under stairs cupboard. I also normally (or have had this year) a run of some sort to squeeze in and so the weekends have zoomed past and its all been fun and games.

Well, 30for30 is over now, and I have to face up to the very real fact that weekends are now just two days to fill with probably not very much to do. The thought makes me itchy in all honesty. Having nothing to do is one of my greatest fears.I was interviewed recently and one of the things they commented on is that I am ‘always busy, and always planning’. Yes. Yes I am.

Don’t get me wrong, there are days during the week that are awful. Like today for example. I have work until 5:30pm. #2 starts Rainbows (or is it Brownies, I can never remember) at 5:30pm so thats an issue. She also has football between 4:30pm-5:30pm and it’s at the other school campus to Rainbows. When do I even give her tea?! Wednesday isn’t an amazing day. Coupled with the fact that the baby normally falls asleep about 6pm so then getting #2 home at 6:30pm provides another obstacle. But it works, we do it, and everyone is almost always asleep with homework done by 7:30pm.

Aside from a Wednesday, which isn’t even that bad if you thrive on chaos like I do, I am definitely more a fan of the week than the weekend. Getting to lie in isn’t even an option when you’ve got 3 small aged children anyway, and the relaxing part never happens as one of them is normally bugging the other ones happiness in some sort of way. “Mummy she came in my room again” and “Mummy she’s annoying me” and “Mummy she won’t share the iPad” are very common complaints in our house over a Saturday and a Sunday and it always leaves me wondering why I even look forward to them in the first place.

Last weekend almost resulted in the middle child and the male adult being launched into the North Sea after a ‘lets go to IKEA. It’ll be nice and we can get the new side board and have lunch’ trip. It left me wondering just how many relationships have broken down as a result of an IKEA shopping trip and the subsequent building expedition after.

I reckon the key to happy relationships is to NEVER attempt to build furniture together and the key to happy weekends is boarding school.

Having said that, #1 and #2 are going to their Dad’s this weekend and I’m already starting to dread how quiet the house will be until they come back.Mainly because it means I’ll have to put the ironing away but also because they’re pretty damn cool to be around. We’re trialling a new 5 days there and 5 days at home thing and I’m not sure I’m a fan of it just yet. They might be loud, and marginally chaotic and get up early on a Saturday but the weekends certainly aren’t the same without them…

Ps – I saw this amazing parenting hack online today and reckon it could be the answer to all my problems.