I love Christmas. I love decorating the house, and by decorating the house I mean the Living Room only,  I love Christmas Eve with my girls, I love pigs in blankets and roast potatoes and watching Love Actually while wrapping presents.

I love Christmas.

But Christmas up on the hill of Single Parentdom is also quite lonely.

And not because I’m alone, my family is pretty big and we mostly all live within a mile of each other, there’s always people around. It’s just I’m always left with that feeling of not having anyone to ‘share’ the magic with. And regardless of how many chocolate coins I eat, or glasses of prosecco I drink, Christmas Day itself always leaves me feeling a bit, well, empty.

And I don’t suppose it’s just Single Parents, or indeed all us SP’s that feel it. We’ve all seen the advert with the elderly man who has to fabricate a funeral in order to gather all his family together. But even with everyone gathered for the present opening and the Christmas dinner and then the annual fall out over whether to watch Bond or The Royal Family, there’s always this feeling that it would be different some how if there was someone to share it all with.

This is not to say I am a lonely single parent for the other 364 days of the year, far from  it in fact. My opinions on co-habitation and all the trimmings that come with a relationship are well documented, I like being on my own. But for that one day, it would be nice to share that warm fuzzy feeling that I get when girls burst into the living room and are enthralled that Santa got them exactly what they had been wishing for since August* with someone.

(*This year they won’t be getting exactly what they wished for given that they want Hatchimals and those mysterious little fuckers are sold out everywhere.)

For one day, I wouldn’t mind the fairytale and I get somewhat jealous of all the happy couples, and their happy children when we see them out on Christmas Eve. Yes the kids raise my enthusiasm level through the roof, but it would be equally as nice to have an adult     to bounce it all off. It’s just not quite the same when you’re on your own…In all honesty, it’s a little bit shit. And after the kids are asleep and all that’s left is scrunched up Roses packets and those little fiddly plastic ties that hold your toys hostage in their boxes, it’s a stark reminder that the picturesque fairytale doesn’t exist within this house…

So to all you single parents out there that are dreading the ‘Christmas’ bit of Christmas, please know, you are not alone. And even if you’re not single, even if Christmas just leaves you feeling a bit empty, then you’re not alone either. And if any of you happen to be in my vicinity on Christmas Day then feel free to pop round, there will be more than enough pigs in blankets and prosecco to go around…