So, 2016 is almost done. Which will bring about the inevitable “New Year New Me” statuses, resolutions and promises.

Which, statistically more than 80% of us will have sacked off by Mid February.

The New Year brings about a permission of sorts that if you want to change your job or your weight or become more organised (me), or finally decorate your dining room, then now is the time. The 1st January is the date where everything can change for the better. If it doesn’t make you happy by 11:59pm on December 31st then leave it where it belongs – in the past. Or something.

Except… I’m of the personal opinion that you just shouldn’t even bother. And here’s why;

Firstly – Surely, if anything is worth doing, then without a doubt it’s worth doing now. Why would you wait another 15 days to make the change your’re obviously so set on making? If you started today, or tomorrow then you’re already going to be two weeks in come the New Year. 

What are you waiting for? Things to calm down a little at work? For the baby to sleep through the night? Are you waiting to be back in the headspace for you to be able to prioritise your resolution again? Let me let you into a little secret – none of these things will ever happen. Well the baby might sleep through the night but there will also be nights where you get no sleep – welcome to parenthood. 

In the end, you’re just going to have to do what everyone else does when they make a lifestyle change of any sort – you’re going to just have to suck it up commit to it and get it done. 

Sorry. (Not sorry).

Sure, there will be days where you can’t be arsed, and days where things happen and you just don’t physically find the time to workout or do the ironing or whatever and you’ll wish you had never made the damn change in the first place. But in the end, in the long run, you’ll only ever wish you hadn’t made it sooner. 

And secondly – Do you really need to make a change? Think about it. Is it going to be worth it in the long run? Sometimes I think all that external shifting isn’t really worth it. Maybe things are great just the way they are. And while I have my own personal goals for the New Year, I also know that things are good just now. Maybe, in fact probably, you are pretty great the way you are. 

Social media is full of memes telling us to quit the daily grind and chase what we love and reminding us not to settle. But maybe sometimes that doesn’t have to mean quitting your job to travel the world or dedicating your life to finding a cure for cancer. Maybe it’s more about reminding yourself of the worth and the meaning in what you do and who you are at present. No change required. 

This year hasn’t been amazing in the Worldwide scope of things. We lost a lot of good good people. We actually voted for Brexit (who would’ve thought it) and Trump actually won. In many ways 2016 is the year we should really be trying to put in rice. BUT it’s also been an amazing year. Murray won Wimbledon, Tim Peak successfully returned from space, the number of Tigers increased for this first time this centuary and Michele Obama did Carpool Karaoke. 

Sure, none of those things outweigh the truly awful things that have happened, and are still happening both worldwide and closer to home, but these are still things to be celebrated. All is not lost. 

So before you draw up a list of probably unrealistic and maybe unnecessary New Years resolutions, take a look at your life. As it is right this moment. Does it really need overhauled? 

If the answers yes, then what are you waiting for? If it’s worth doing then it’s worth doing now.