So 2016 was a pretty epic year.

There was 30for30 for a start (if you missed it please see previous 1000 relating to this topic). I turned 30. I wasn’t taken to court and I wasn’t left in a bar with an aubergine. I’d say it was a successful year. 

But then comes the inevitable ‘well what now?’ 

Well here’s what 2017 has in store;

1. More races. 

2. Graduating

3. Shark Life. 

  • More Races 

On my rosta this year I have;

Deerstalker – 9ish miles. Over hills. In dark. Read the 2016 review here

John Muir Ultra – 50km along the John Muir Way. My first (and maybe last Ultra!)

Dirty Weekend – 20 Miles. 200 Obstacles. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers headlining the after party. Lee as my running buddy. Warrior Fit there in force. BRING THIS ON. Last years thoughts on this are here

The Crossing – 200 miles over 3 days through the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the North Yorkshire Moors. Ummm ok then! 

Runstock – As many 5km laps as you want within 8 hours. Great! 5km it is then! 

Leeds Total Warrior – The only one I’ve never done! This year I’m going for all six. My most favourite OCR yet. 

City to Summit – my friend Noel asked me if I’m either taking cocaine or a car in order to complete this event! I’m not sure if I should be insulted or scared? Currently I’m scared. But also excited. A half marathon from Edinburgh to South Queensferry. A 180km cycle to Ben Nevis and then a mere marathon on The Ben all in under 20 hours. Why the hell not. 

Man v Lakes – A marathon in the Lake District, with some swimming thrown in too. Excellent! 

Spartan Edinburgh – I did the Beast last year. Think I’ll do the Sprint this year. I’ll probably need the ‘rest’. 

Lake District Total Warrior – Back to Shap Abbey we go for the 10km and then the 10 mile. Taking #1 and a new tent this time so she can tackle Mini Warrior and we don’t get soaked overnight! 

Stockton River Rat – A 10km urban street race with a whole load of water thrown in! This might be my new favourite by the end of the year. 

Man v Mountain – 22 miles up and down Snowdon. This is the one I am most looking forward to. And also the one I’m going to do for charity. You can sponsor me here and all funds will go to 

Edinburgh Total Warrior – I turned 30 running this race last year. It holds really special memories for me and this year I’m dragging friends around with me! I can’t wait. 

Fort William Marathon – technically my ‘first’ marathon. A trail run, downhill (mostly), with Lee again. Another thing checked off the bucket list! 

Edinburgh Ultra Trail  – rounding off the year with another Ultra. I might have to walk it. But I’ll still do it. 

So there’s less races this year but certainly more miles and a LOT more training required. At this point, on 6th Jan, I am slightly shitting my pants. But it’ll be ok. I’ve got a plan (of sorts). Steve’s going to keep my right, and I’ll eat loads of carbs. And if I need to walk then I’ll walk. Why the hell not right?! 

  • Graduating 

So this year sees the end of HND. I’ve applied for Uni, ultimately sports injuries and physio is my goal and again, I have a 5 year plan where that is concerned but for now I’m going to write a lot and see what happens there, I’m going to work for myself – I’m going to go back to what I love and I’m going to help people achieve their fitness goals, I’m going to help introduce children to physical activity and I’m going to spend as much quality time with my girls as I can. This graduation has been a long time coming, I didn’t think I’d ever get here, still can’t quite believe how close I am! But it’s just confirmed that it’s exactly where I want to be working, and I’m excited for the future…

  • Shark Life

So did I mention I love obstacle course racing? Did I mention I think all kids should be exposed to physical activity in a fun but challenging way? Did I mention I want to do that? Well I have. I’ve created Shark Life. An obstacle course race just for children. It’s making its debut in June this year…currently I feel more like a fish out of water rather than a shark. But it’s happening. It’s going to be the start of something very very special…I hope. Watch this space for more details. 

(Also if you feel you can help in any way with regards to this please get in touch!)

So that’s 2017 for me. Maybe I’m mental. Maybe I do too much. But, why the hell not? I want to create as many memories and have as much fun as I can while I can. 

For everybody dies. But not everybody lives.