It occurred to me recently, that I can focus a lot on things that happened in the past. Not necessarily things, but achievements, weights, situations. With the common denominator being that they occurred in the past.

I had a conversation with someone and I was harping on about not being in shape and how I used to be ‘fit’ and so on and so forth. If you’ve read even two of my previously blogs then it’s probably quite apparent that I think I used to be in shape and now, well now I just don’t.

Anyway, he said, quite abruptly (as is his way) “Well, to be honest Sarah, I didn’t know you then, when you were lifting weight and had a six pack but I’m going to bet my life on the fact I would like that Sarah a lot less than I like the pizza eating, cocktail drinking, Ultra Warrior running Sarah that is sitting in front of me now”.

Well. There you go. He was right of course, as he is normally is.

As much as yes I used to have a six pack and I used to lift 5x per week, I just don’t anymore. Yes, I used to weigh 10 stone, and I just don’t anymore. In 2016 I ran 30 different races and in 2017 I didn’t. I mean it’s a pretty brutal way of looking at it but it’s true. What on earth am I achieving by focusing on things that have come and gone?


Hold the bus – letting go of those things, is OK.

I have craved the high of #30for30 for some time, and I do miss my muscles actually being visible, but what I have come to realise is that continuing to try and recreate situations that happened in the past, isn’t helping me to move on and create new memories, and new stories, and have new adventures.

I ummmmed and ahhhhed for a while about what to do in 2018, and actually although 2017 didn’t emulate #30for30 and all that came with it, it did help me to arrive at a place where I know what I like and what I don’t like.

What I don’t like

  • Running really fast (give me 9 min/miles any day)
  • Short Races (if you’re under 10km I don’t care tbh)
  • Doing the same thing over and over again (yawn for being in a rut)
  • Aubergines (always)

What I DO like 

  • Laps (all the laps)
  • Obstacles (all the obstacles)
  • Running with someone (chat and laughs all the way)
  • Pizza (best pre race meal there has ever been)
  • Rat Race (shameless plug)
  • Enjoying training (even when it’s hill sprints and I want to vom)
  • CHALLENGING MYSELF (this is the most important thing, life happens outside of your comfort zone)

So. In between being annoyed at my very practical and always right boyfriend (I know, the ‘B’ word – no longer a crazy cat spinster!) and actually grateful that he gave me the nod and support to go ahead with the challenge that I have agreed to I have arrived at a conclusion; not weighing 10st doesn’t make me fat. Not having a six pack doesn’t mean I’m out of shape, and not recreating #30for30 race for race doesn’t make me a failure. It was a light bulb moment, something I have been searching for all year.

By accepting that those things might not actually ever happen again (but praying for abs will always be a thing), I am actually creating a goal for myself that will lead to bigger and better things.

It might also lead to death, but hey, at least I will go out with a bang.

So here it is, the 2018 goal/plan/challenge/death sentence, curtosey of the genius brains at Rat Race;

  • 15 events including ALL the Rat Race events (minus The Wall) (year of the Rat see…)
  • Totalling 781 race miles (not even started thinking about training miles yet) plus a Spartan Hurricane Heat that might just end it all. Oh plus Europes Toughest Mudder, and possibly a weekend at Total Warrior Lakes. Challenging myself see.

2018 is going to be about creating new memories, writing new stories, and having an absolute blast while doing it.

There are some events that frighten me massively (City to Summit anyone), and there is the very real fact that I attempted something similar this year and then got to June and ended up smack bang in the middle of #pelvisgate and had to accept defeat. However I do seemingly learn from my mistakes and have roped in a physiotherapist, sports therapist, nutritionist and a PT to help me get as far through this journey in as best shape as I possibly can be.

And to top all of that off;

I am also still, a single (but in a relationship) parent to three girls. So 7 hour training runs might have to include them strapped to my back or locked in the car watching Netflix.

The three girls…

I am also about to start writing a bloody dissertation so I can finally get a degree.

And I work every day.

But…this project is right bang up my street. And we are absolutely treating it as a project. There are going to be nutrition plans and training schedules and I already have a spreadsheet and Graham was made to do 8 miles last night as we kick off #ultratraining. There are going to be progressive blogs (not sure that’s a thing…) and the whole thing is being documented and filmed and written about and it’s all rather exciting.

I mean, its probably quite important to note that had I not in fact done #30for30 then none of this would’ve been possible but hey, no more focusing on the past right?

Onwards…to the year of the Rat (plus a Spartan HH and Europes Toughest Mudder)

Things just got exciting…