Just over a week ago I vocalised my agreement to undertake the biggest challenge of my running life so far.

Mentally, I already knew I would say yes. I’m not typically one to shy away from anything and I’m annoyingly stubborn and determined so the thought of saying no and then regretting it was just too much for me. But still, it’s a pretty massive undertaking and one that I kept going back and forwards on whether or not it was just a step too far.

But, I decided to just do it, and now it’s on the internet so it’s definitely happening. Yay.

I’ve had mostly the response I expected from my ‘Year of the Rat‘ blog – “wait, what? You have a BOYFRIEND?!” Yeah I know. It was a shock to me too.

So yes, I have a boyfriend, and in other news – I’m planning on running a smidge over 780 miles next year.

Now that the dust has settled and I’ve realised I’m actually going to have to put some effort into the whole thing I’ve started to shit myself a bit, but apparently I just need to trust the process and accept it’ll be fine and it’ll be fine. So on that vein, what’s week 1 brought?


So this endeavour is going to require training. I’m currently at long run distance of 8 miles so that’s enough to keep me on track for now. Elevated speed work has reared it’s ugly, lung bursting head and I’ve attempted a couple of pull ups. For week 1 – I’m happy. Injury prevention is key.

Injury Prevention

I saw my physiotherapist today. Broached the ‘can I run 780 miles and still be in one piece?’ question.

“My job is to keep you in one piece” he said.

Excellant. Onwards.

So L4 and L5 were out. They’re now back in. T7 and T8 were out. They’re now back in. My pelvis was way out. And now it’s not. Basically he cracked my neck, my back and manipulated my pelvis back into place. I had cupping and acupuncture and can now look over my right shoulder again, so – progress. Oh and I had to take the kids with me cos you know, #singleparentlife. So between him, the kids and my sports therapist they’re going to keep me moving, hopefully.

Sports Therapist

So my friend Toni is a sports therapist, single Mum, badass PT and fellow student who I see on a regular basis. So she was always the obvious choice to be my sports therapist. She also hates running so you know, thinks I’m mental but her life would be worse if I died so she’s agreed to help.


Well I’m pre-hormonal. I had cake for tea, I’m eating blocks of cheese, and drinking smirnoff cider which it turns out, has vodka in it too! I’m attributing this fact to why I’ve slept so well this week. So nutrition is a work in progress but it’s coming. I know what to do, although I am bringing a nutritionist on board just to keep me accountable. I do quite like a food plan – weighing food makes me feel in control (and I’m a control freak ya know)

Yes that photo is a different brand of cider. I finished the vodka one before I thought about a photo.

Event Thoughts

Given the fact I actually love this type of stuff, I am genuinely excited for next year right now. I mean the elevation for Arran looks insane and I’m just ignoring the fact that only 36% of entrants actually finished City to Summit this year but apart from that – bring it on. I also signed up for the John Muir Way Ultra because Deb and Eric are running the relay so I’m going to do it ‘as support’ so I suppose I need to stop pretending I don’t like running and just knuckle down and work hard.

I don’t think for one second that this task will be easy (150 miles in one day for example). I don’t for one second think I’m going to be motivated and excited each day for the next 11 months (meal plans and lack of alcohol might suck). But, in a years time I’ll be finished. So what? Am I going to let a year go by where I do the same races and get an updated version of the same medal, or am I going to pull on my superhero pants and see just what I’m made of?

Well…it’s a no brainer really.

Ps – you’re not going to get these updates every week. I don’t have the time management skills to fit in writing them and I’m not arrogant enough to think people want to read them that often. Monthly updates will commence from now on.