There’s a lot of heavy duty mental health chat floating about. Lots of profound, insightlful information about it being ok not to be ok and talking to someone if you’re having unwanted thoughts etc. I love it, I work in mental health and it’s something I am very passionate about increasing the conversation about.

But actually, sometimes, we have bad days. And that is not the end of the world. What we should be doing more of, on a daily basis, is cutting ourselves a bit of slack.

Over the last couple of days I’ve; abandoned a treadmill run due to feeling a bit unwell, I’ve served tea to everyone at 7pm because I was late home and not organised enough to make things in a slow cooker (it would probably help if I owned a slow cooker) and discovered my daughter needs a filling in her tooth because she’s bit shit at brushing and I’m too busy rushing and losing my shit to notice.

I’ve felt a bit shit about all of it, and a whole lot more things that could be added to the pile.

And that doesn’t help my mental state.

What would help my mental state is to remind myself that bailing out at 3km on one training run will not cause the world to end. I have a stupid cough and I’m very hormonal and it’s not going to have a a huge impact on my only sightly increased fitness levels from last week.

What would help my mental state is to remind myself that my children have not died because they only ate their tea at 7pm, and in fact the tea they ate was homemade and it would’ve been very easy to go to the chip shop in stead.

The only result from tonight’s tea is that I need a bigger lasagne dish…

What would help my mental state is to remind myself that the minuscule hole in my child’s tooth is really no big deal. She has odd enamel levels anyway due to her being early (something else I feel guilty about), it’s not even a proper filling, and who bloody cares.

Except we’re not very good at cutting ourselves some slack are we? We expect perfection where none exists. And the only thing that can come from constantly expecting perfection is disappointment.

And we have nothing to feel disappointed about, we have nothing to feel ashamed about, having an ‘off day’ is nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact it’s perfect normal, it’s perfectly OK.

So cut yourself some slack, you’re doing exactly the same as the rest of us – and that is perfectly imperfectly, ok.

So this is your #worldmentalhealthday reminder that you are absolutely amazing, just the way you are.