Woke up this morning absolutely delighted with myself that I’d deleted my socials.

My Mum rocks up at my house at 7:30am as she normally does.

“I deleted Facebook” I said.

“I wondered why you didn’t shout at me for posting” she said.

So turns out, my Mum had some gin, and decided to post on my blog.

Cheers Mary.

I can’t even see what she wrote because, I deleted Facebook. Ironic.

How has day one been without socials? Well. I’ve picked up my phone a lot. Remembered that I no longer and Facebook and Instagram and put my phone back down again. I know NOTHING about what’s happened on social media today and I DON’T CARE. All I know now is that I pick my phone up a lot.

When did we get so dependant on things that don’t actually matter?

I don’t know really.

I actually have no idea