Yesterday we went into self isolation. I feel pretty terrible so I haven’t really considered what the next two weeks will be like. Currently, I can’t walk to the toilet without feeling like I need to sit down, it’s not fun.

By 9am the little one had taken her cast off. I figure we’re not going anywhere for the rest of the month so what’s the worst that can happen.

Worries about food seem to be top of the list of things to worry about here and we’ve implemented a ‘don’t raid the fridge’ policy on the kids. The smallest one isn’t coping well with that. She’s used to eating all the food all the time and last night my Asda shop came with half of it missing so it’s not a good mix. Needless to say we ordered take out soup and scones for lunch which were left at the door for us. Plans are afoot for our own vegetable garden as well so we don’t have to ‘go short’ again. To be honest until I can’t order pizza anymore I’m not going to panic.

There’s been a lot of screen time today. A lot. I think I’ve played about 6 hours of Xbox. The girls have Fortnite which until today I’ve avoided entirely. Nothing like a contagious virus and lock down to change your perspective on things. Turns out Frozen 2 is available to buy now and Jess has been belting out INTO THE UNKNNNNNNNNOWN for about three hours. Her singing hasn’t improved since we went into lockdown.

Having explained a hundred times that we can’t have her birthday party at the weekend she keeps asking Alexa how many sleeps it is. She’s determined her pals will leave presents at her door – I didn’t dare tell her that I asked for no presents. We seriously don’t need anymore stuff.

It all feels a bit surreal. I don’t think I’m fully prepared for another 12 days of this. I feel really unwell. Unless I’m sitting down doing nothing I feel very breathless and cough a lot. My temperature has gone up tonight and I just feel really washed out. Without confirmation it’s hard to know but I’m guessing this is ‘The Virus’.

Angels do exist though and this arrived at the door earlier.

They announced school closures this afternoon. That worries me greatly. I work with some very vulnerable young people, who’s only safe place is school, who’s only meal comes from school. I’m worried about them already. I’m hopeful they announce that we’ll stay open for some, and I’ll be back at work once we’re out of quarantine. Which will keep my own kids happy because the fact I’ve set up a classroom in the kitchen has sent the oldest ones into a rage. Tomorrow we’re going to learn how to tell the time and start that sex education module Erin’s been trying to avoid all year.

Things aren’t that desperate though. We’ve still not opened the tins of carrots and peas in the cupboard and I’ve not fried the goldfish yet.

Tomorrow, home schooling begins…I predict a decrease in patience.

Ready for the morning…fun fun fun.