So I woke up this morning and felt miles better. I was coughing a lot first thing but the pressure in my chest had lifted and I didn’t feel quite as tired.

Yesterday the kids and I had planned a sort of timetable as to how our day might look if we were to homeschool. It went a bit like this.

9am – 9:30am Cosmic Yoga. If this had set the tone for the whole day I think j would’ve just given up and cried. The oldest one was not keen to take part in ‘yoga for five year olds’ and stood with a face on her the whole time. The youngest one bloody loves cosmic yoga and was namasteing all over the place. I left the room at one point to go for a wee and they all just lost it and started fighting. FUN.

9:30am – 10am. Morning Challenge. So, how am I going to balance out a morning starter challenge over three different age groups? No fucking idea. This morning was meant to be a ‘let’s chat about what we’ll do each day’, in stead it became a 30 minute lecture on why I wasn’t doing it ‘like their teachers’. In the end the middle one did Mathletics, the eldest one made up her own BODMAS questions and I can’t actually remember what Jess did. Survived, which is what is important.

10am – 10:30am – BREAK TIME. We had chopped up banana, apple, strawberries and a happy hippo. Niamh ate it all, said if she could have this for snack every day she’d be happy (starting to win her over). Jess fed her apple and banana to the birds. And by fed I mean it’s still lying on the patio where she threw it. Erin doesn’t eat fruit, so she had the hippo. During break time I also GroupCalled all our students and their parents to let them know we’d be offering remote pastoral guidance and that young people could FaceTime us if necessary. A thousand texts, in under three seconds. Hoping no one is looking at the budgets anymore to be honest.

10:30am – 11:30am – Maths. We all did TIME. Turns out the little one is a genius. Had done an hours worth of planning in three minutes. Not helpful really. The eldest one got bored and started solving double indices. They won’t follow my instruction and think I know nothing. Not sure I’m cut out for this home schooling.

11:30am – 12 noon. Art. Yesterday I ordered ALL THE STATIONARY from amazon. It arrived just in time for Art and the kids spent half an hour decorating their new folders. Not Niamh, she was till doing BODMAS.

12pm – 12:30pm. We moved on to topic work. Jess did lots of cutting and sticking about Dinosaurs and the big girls read and answered comprehension on Rainforest tribes. Turns out Erin can plagiarise really well and Niamh doesn’t know what a full stop is. LEARNING POINTS.

12:30pm – 1:30pm – LUNCH. So we threw together lots of left overs from last night and that were in the fridge. For someone who’s spent about a million pounds on Asda online shops in preparation for this virus I’ve got no food in my house. Weirdly the kids ate it all and didn’t moan. Diluted apple juice and left over lasagne is a winner. Niamh dubbed it ‘much better than normal school’

1:30pm – 2:30pm – Exercise. Set up an obstacle course for them. Timed them going round. Was much more successful than anticipated and they had a hoot. Even Jess. Although her thumb is massive and I’m not convinced isn’t worse than it worse. Wonder if we can leave isolation to go to A&E?

2:30pm – 3:15pm. Reading. Turns out Erin can’t be left to read unsupervised, she just doesn’t do it. Jess read her speed sounds and. Isn’t read a book on the computer? I think. I was last caring by that point.

We ordered a Chinese for tea and they’ve been playing Fortnite for a while. Jess lost her shit earlier because I wouldn’t let her put the sprinkler on in the garden but actually we can excuse that. We’re in lock down, it’s scary, it’s weird, she’s technically now in P2, she’s allowed to lose her shit. Tomorrow we start emotional regulation work and I will come into my own.

I’m drinking. I don’t know what day it is. I miss my kids at school, I wish I could go back to work to see them. I love my PL team, they’re like a wee family. This still doesn’t seem real.

So we survived another day. Only god knows how many more to go.