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About Me


I’m Sarah, Single Parent and Mummy to three very special little girls – Niamh 12, Erin 10, and Jess 6.

I write about a variety of things; running, obstacle course racing, life as a single parent, and something that has touched my life in a huge way – premature birth.

My entire world was flipped on its head not once but twice, when Erin was born at 29 weeks in 2009 and Jess at 26 weeks in 2014. Since then I have tried to raise awareness about premature birth and the subjects surrounding this, as well as raise money for a charity close to my heart Simpsons Special Care Babies. Having a premature baby can be a lonely and frightening experience. My hope was that if I could share my story that it may provide some comfort or support to other families in similar situations. The days and weeks after having a premature baby are not normal, they defy the textbook rules for what should and shouldn’t happen after birth, but you can get through it. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

In 2016 I ran 30 different races and events in order to raise money for charity. Covering over 1000 miles and bringing together my passion for running, writing and adventure it was a life affirming year. 2017 sees me undertake a smaller number of events (18 at last count) but some bigger challenges  – I’m going to run a marathon up Snowdon as well as undertake a ‘1/2 marathon-140mile cycle-marathon up Ben Nevis challenge’ (in one day). Follow the blog to keep up to date on my training, progress and thoughts along the way!

Other Things to know about me;

  • I run a lot and like to jump over walls and various other obstacles.
  • I’m passionate about getting children outside and active, and fully support initiatives like the MacTuff Outreach programme.
  • In 2017 I created and launched my own Kids OCR – Shark Life, in order to help enable families to have fun and be challenged through obstacle course running together.
  • Some days I eat kale and quinoa and run 20 miles. Some days I eat family size bags of M&Ms and crisps. At the same time. The struggle for fitness and health is real.

This is me, this is Life and Lifting…



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